Benefits of Solar Security Glass

Natural light is something of a paradox. Good use of natural light can open and beautify a space, and cut down on the use of indoor lighting during daylight hours. An attractive view from your office or storefront also gives a psychological boost to your employees.

However, the wrong glass can act like a greenhouse, trapping heat and raising your energy bills. UV rays can also fade and degrade paint, furniture, and more. And of course, we’re all familiar with the skin and eye damage wrought by UV rays.

By blocking much of the UV side of the spectrum, solar security glass lowers energy costs (your air conditioning won’t work nearly as hard). You get the benefits of natural light minus the eye strain and skin damage. Select tints (especially those that are reflective) enhance privacy. And you won’t have to worry about artwork, carpets, furniture, or merchandise being damaged by sunlight.

As an added bonus, the security features resist breakage, and if a window does break, the shattered glass is kept in place — that, in turn, leads to easier cleanup and less chance of injury from glass fragments.


VISION SOLAR film combines the solar energy rejection features you expect from a window tint with security features that resist breakage. The SOLAR Series is available in three variants, each with a different VLT (Visible Light Transmission) rating:

  • Silver 20% VLT
  • Neutral 35% VLT
  • Dual Reflective

These are the perfect complement to other VISION products, including dedicated safety or security coatings, plus anti-graffiti and architectural tints. Not only are each of these easy to maintain, they’re also warranted against a number of defects (we’ll explain the full details during the consultation process).

Why Choose Protex Glass Films?

If you want to compromise less in your business, the choice of the right solar and security glass can be a big help. After all, less time spent worrying over security is time that can be devoted to other aspects of your business, and money saved on your energy bills can be reinvested — which, in turn, means fewer compromises on other things that matter. More than architectural glass, we deliver solutions. If you do business in the Southwest, we’re nearby, with convenient locations in Las Vegas, NV and San Antonio, TX. Reach out for more information or a consultation using the contact form below.


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